Numbers 32–36: On Murderers, Manslayers, and Not Being Bored by Moses’ Border Drawing (Bible Talk, Ep. 53)

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As we arrive at the end of Numbers, Moses wants to remind God’s people where they’ve been so that they will be prepared to be faithful where they’re going.


1:51 / What is Moses interested in doing with the conclusion of the book of Numbers?

2:33 / What’s Numbers 32 about?

7:18 / What’s the point of recounting Israel’s history in Numbers 33?

9:15 / What should we know about the structure of Numbers 34?

12:05 / Why can manslayers be killed when they’re not in their city of refuge? (Num. 35:27)

13:14 / Why does the death of the high priest signal the end of a manslayer’s sentence? (Num. 35:28)

14:12 / What’s the daughters of Zelophehad’s problem, and what’s Moses’ solution?

14:50 / Why is Numbers ending with the story of the daughters of Zelophehad?

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