Book Review: The Imperfect Pastor, by Zack Eswine

Review by Garrett Kell | 03.07.2016

Whether you’re a young pastor, a seasoned pastor, a broken pastor, or a pastor’s wife, you should add this book to your must-read list.

Book Review: The Pastor’s Book, by Kent Hughes

Review by Paul Martin | 03.02.2016

If I was teaching pastoral ministry today, this would be my first required text.

Book Review: The Original Bishops, by Alistair Stewart

Review by Benjamin Merkle | 02.23.2016

Any serious treatment of church offices must interact with this work. And yet, in the end, this book’s flaws render it another theory that has been tested and found wanting.

Book Review: Honest Evangelism, by Rico Tice

Review by Austin Suter | 02.04.2016

Evangelism is hard. This book should help.

Three Pastoral Reminders From Three Dead Guys

Review by Nick Roark | 01.25.2016

Sometimes the lessons we need the most are the reminders of glorious truths that you already know (2 Peter 3:1). I am grateful to the Lord for his grace in the lives of men like Edwards, Newton, and Bavinck.

Book Review: Spurgeon’s Sorrows, by Zack Eswine

Review by Bob Johnson | 01.20.2016

Zack Eswine is not a stranger to sorrow and it shows. The tenderness in his heart has spotted and exposed the tenderness in Spurgeon. May God use this book to help all of us pastor more like Jesus.

Book Review: Openness Unhindered, by Rosaria Butterfield

Review by Mike Christ | 01.13.2016

To those in our churches tempted by same-sex attraction, we must say more than “Just stop it!” and “It’s wrong.”

Book Review: The 3-D Gospel: Ministry in Guilt, Shame, and Fear Cultures, by Jason Georges

Review by Jeremy Yong | 9Marks Journal: Missions: Adding Wisdom to Zeal | 12.21.2015

Jason Georges, The 3-D Gospel: Ministry in Guilt, Shame, and Fear Culture. 3D Gospel, 2014, 82 pages. $8.99.   I am a pastor who grew up in an honor-shame culture, so the title 3D Gospel: Ministry in Guilt, Shame and Fear Cultures peeked my interest. The author Jason Georges (M. Div., Talbot) spent nine years in Central […]

A Collection of Book Reviews on the Church in China

Review by Eric Beach | 9Marks Journal: Missions: Adding Wisdom to Zeal | 12.21.2015

Here is a collection of several brief book reviews on the Christian church in China through the centuries.

Book Review: Defending Substitution: An Essay on Atonement in Paul, by Simon Gathercole

Review by Sam Emadi | 9Marks Journal: Missions: Adding Wisdom to Zeal | 12.21.2015

With Defending Substitution, Simon Gathercole has given us a compelling, rich, and lucid presentation of substitution in 1 Corinthians 15 and Romans 5.

Book Review: Talking to Catholics about the Gospel, by Chris Castaldo

Review by ​Leonardo De Chirico | 11.30.2015

My hope is that this book will set the tone for present and future engagements by evangelicals to their Catholic friends.

Book Review: How Church Can Change Your Life, by Josh Moody

Review by Josh Manley | 11.20.2015

This is a helpful book on the church in our very anti-institutional age.

An Anglican, Baptist, and Presbyterian Review Going Public

By B. Jamieson, C. Van Dixhoorn, S. Norman, T. Payne | 11.04.2015

Editor’s note: In July, we released a book called Going Public: Why Baptism Is Required for Church Membership by Bobby Jamieson. We asked three pastor-theologians to review the book, each of them from different denominational traditions: Anglican, Presbyterian, and Baptist. We then asked Bobby to write a response to each review. You will find the three reviews and Bobby’s […]

Book Review: Pray for the Flock, by Brian Croft and Ryan Fullerton

Review by Bob Johnson | 10.29.2015

As a whole, this book is more practical than profound, but that really is the point. We tend to talk a lot more about prayer than actually pray.

Book Review: Caring for Widows, by Brian Croft and Austin Walker

Review by Garrett Kell | 10.20.2015

Widows matter to God, and they should matter to God’s people as well.