Planting Churches for Pleasure, Not for Profit

By Nathan Knight | 9Marks Journal: Church Planting | 11.07.2023

Here are three principles we should all consider so that we might plant churches for the infinite pleasure of God’s glory over and against our own profit.

Personal Evangelism for the Planter and the Church Plant

By J. Mack Stiles | 9Marks Journal: Church Planting | 11.07.2023

If evangelism is to be woven into the fabric of the life of a new church plant and its pastor, it takes some thought and planning.

The Blessings and Burdens of a Church Planter’s Wife

By Gloria Furman | 9Marks Journal: Church Planting | 11.07.2023

Blessings and burdens mingle together as we live in this world that groans for the Day of redemption.

What 9Marks Purists Should Know About Church Planting 

By Ed Stetzer | 9Marks Journal: Church Planting | 11.07.2023

Learn best practices, learn how to engage the lost, learn how to lead your church well to engage its community, but don’t do so by moving away from the gospel, the Scriptures, and a biblical understanding of church.

The Church Planter’s Second Priority: Raising Up Leaders

By Mike McKinley | 9Marks Journal: Church Planting | 11.07.2023

By developing other leaders who can teach, disciple, evangelize, counsel, and shepherd the flock, you raise up others who can care for the health of all the church members.

You Can’t Plant a Church If You Don’t Know What a Church Is

By Nathan Knight | 9Marks Journal: Church Planting | 11.07.2023

You need a robust ecclesiology that’s in place well before you start trying to plant a church.

Pastor, Not Entrepreneur, Part 2

By Matt McCullough | 9Marks Journal: Church Planting | 11.07.2023

You can lead a church plant and not be an entrepreneur. But you shouldn’t lead a church plant if you’re not a pastor.

Widows: The Untapped Resource in Your Church

By Keith Collier | 11.07.2023

Don’t just minister to widows; mobilize them. Don’t discount them; deploy them.

Catholicity and the Church Membership Process

By John Sarver | 9Marks Journal: Catholicity | 11.06.2023

Meaningful membership upholds glad-hearted catholicity.

Why Not to Plant Churches

By Phil Newton | 9Marks Journal: Church Planting | 11.01.2023

Yes, plant churches. But do so after counting the cost.

When Catholicity Leads to Compromise

By Jonathan Worsley | 9Marks Journal: Catholicity | 10.30.2023

For all the good of catholicity, an over-realized catholicity is potentially poisonous.

Powerfully Meek Leaders

By Davy Ellison | 10.27.2023

In our meek Savior we see both restraint and boldness in perfect harmony.

Martin Bucer as a Cooperating Pastor

By Jason Lee | 9Marks Journal: Catholicity | 10.26.2023

Against the Reformation’s backdrop of such vehemence and occasional violence, there are also sterling examples of Christian partnership and catholicity.

Lessons Learned from a Church Planter’s Wife

By Jenny Manley | 9Marks Journal: Church Planting | 10.25.2023

Here are five lessons I have learned in the decade since I first arrived in an unfamiliar city with my husband, who had the task of planting a new church.

Sending Out Future Leaders Strategically

By Matt Rogers | 9Marks Journal: Church Planting | 10.20.2023

Pastors developing future leaders can help using these seven diagnostic questions.