What Makes a Good Hymn?

By David and Barbara Leeman | 09.09.2022

Erik Routley, a renowned British hymnologist in the 1950s, routinely said a good hymn should be “well-written, well-chosen, and well-sung.”

Treasuring the Trail of Translation: Why Read the Greek New Testament Before You Teach the English One

By Matt Sliger | 09.06.2022

If you’ve been taught the language, read the Greek New Testament before you teach the English one. And if you haven’t been taught the language, attempt to learn it for four reasons.

The Fruit Grown in a Flock by Pastoral Encouragement

By Bob Johnson | 09.02.2022

Encouragement is incredibly attractive. It’s a godly grace that reinforces gospel fruit. Younger pastors may not realize how important it is.

Only Use Authority in the Fear of God

By Mark Dever | 08.29.2022

Is all authority abusive? Is all authority—by virtue of one person having power over another person—in its very nature, abusive?

The Church: Universal and Local

By Jonathan Leeman | 08.25.2022

Christians throughout history have sometimes emphasized the local or the universal church to the neglect of the other, but a biblical posture emphasizes both.

Why Our Church Moved from Elder-Rule Polity to Elder-Led Congregationalism

By Blake White | 08.23.2022

Our church recently transitioned from an “elder-rule” model of church government to “elder-led congregationalism.” As I have talked with pastor friends from various streams, many are stumped as to why we would do that.

Do Elders Receive Their Authority by Congregational Vote?

By Caleb Morell | 08.19.2022

Is the congregation, by affirming an elder through congregational vote, conferring authority upon him or simply recognizing him as a God-given gift to the congregation? 

Preacher, Don’t Forget to Speak to the Children

By Ray Van Neste | 08.16.2022

Week in and week out, the same group of unconverted people come to our worship services—and we practically ignore them.

There’s Absolutely No Substitute for Face-to-Face Ministry—Not Even for an Apostle

By David Daniels | 08.09.2022

Is there something indispensable about in-person ministry, something that simply can’t be replicated through long-distance communication?

Working Harder Than Any of Them

By Nick Gardner | 08.08.2022

The temptation for slothfulness and inattentiveness to the pastoral office is still present in our day, whether through excessive social media use or the general temptation to be lazy, brought on through material prosperity.

Love for the Immigrant Church is Patient

By John Lee | 08.02.2022

Some in the immigrant-church conversation are tired and ready to quit. Others insist on immediate change. How should we approach this discussion?

How Harry Emerson Fosdick’s ‘Open Membership’ Overtook the Northern Baptist Convention

By Caleb Morell | 08.01.2022

For conservatives, baptism was not a subjective reality to be left to the conscience of every church and every individual, but an actual command of Christ that they had no liberty to disobey. If Jesus commanded his disciples to baptize only believers by immersion, what authority did they have to edit Jesus? 

Evangelical Catholicity and How To Foster It

By Josh Manley | 07.28.2022

Catholicity denotes the very Christian unity for which our Lord prayed. How can we foster greater unity among gospel-believing Christians?

Jesus is Not Ashamed of Subjects of Church Discipline

By Erik Raymond | 07.25.2022

Jesus instituted church discipline both to maintain the holiness of the church and to remind his people that he forgives them as they repent of their sins and submit to his lordship. 

How Should Immigrant Congregations Who Speak Different Languages Relate to One Another?

By John Lee | 07.11.2022

Could the way congregations of different languages relate to one another be informed by how denominations connect churches?