Work Hard and Stay Hungry

By Juan Sanchez | 9Marks Journal: Seasons in a Pastor's Life | 06.10.2024

If we’re not vigilant as years in the ministry pass, the greater the possibility that the monotony of our routines, the burdens of pastoring, or the busyness of ministry will become excuses for neglecting our primary task.

Every Week I Preach My Guts out and . . . Nothing Changes

By David King | 9Marks Journal: Seasons in a Pastor's Life | 06.10.2024

We want God to set off fireworks, but he‘s more interested in farming.

Make the Main Thing the Main Thing on Sundays

By Bret Capranica | 9Marks Journal: Seasons in a Pastor's Life | 06.10.2024

I was convinced that the table we set on Sunday would determine the whole ministry, and our main course had to be the Word of God.

Take Heart: Preaching to Encourage

By Tiago Oliveira | 9Marks Journal: Seasons in a Pastor's Life | 06.10.2024

As you step into your new church, you are called not only to lead but also to encourage.

Four Reasons to Preach the Psalms as a Book

By Davy Ellison | 04.26.2024

The intentional ordering of the 150 psalms may have been rediscovered in academia, but it has very practical benefits for the Christian in the pew.

Four Benefits of Inviting Evaluation of Your Preaching

By Jonathan Threlfall | 02.29.2024

In “swapping sermons” with fellow pastors, I have discovered four benefits.

Evangelistic Expository Preaching

By Mark Dever | 9Marks Journal: Evangelism | 02.06.2024

The converted and the unconverted need preaching in which the fullness of God’s Word is exposed and the atoning work of Christ explored.

Book Review: In All the Scriptures, by Nicholas G. Piotrowski

Review by Jonathan Parnell | 11.15.2023

According to Nicholas G. Piotrowski in his book ‘In All the Scriptures’, Jesus and the apostles read the Old Testament attending to the literary, historical, and theological (christological) contexts, and we should read the whole Bible the same way.

Six Marks of a Good Sermon

By Nick Gardner | 11.09.2023

How does a preacher know if he’s preaching good sermons?

Book Review: Exegetical Fallacies, by D.A. Carson

Review by Brian Vickers | 06.27.2023

Carson’s book is an indispensable resource for the task of exegesis that stands the test of time.

4 Reasons You Can Preach the Same Text 2 (or 3 or 4) Times

By Sean Nolan | 05.15.2023

There are reasons to be confident when returning to the same text multiple times.

8 Principles of Faithful Pulpit Supply

By Alan Patrick | 02.08.2023

The Lord instructs and equips his church through the preaching of his Word. Pulpit supply is no exception.

Recommended New Testament Commentaries for Evangelical Pastors

By Thomas R. Schreiner | 02.03.2023

Tom Schreiner recommends what he thinks are the best New Testament commentaries for pastors to consult.

Book Review: Biblical Preaching, by Haddon W. Robinson

Review by Kevin DeYoung | 01.19.2023

Kevin DeYoung reviews his former preaching professor Haddon Robinson’s renown textbook ‘Biblical Preaching’.

On Cultural Context (Preachers Talk, Ep. 48)

By D. Helm, J. Meeks, K. Edward Copeland | 01.19.2023

The Bible was written a long time ago to people who were both very similar to and very different from us.

Listen to this episode of Preachers Talk as Ed, Dave, and Jeremy discuss how to use and not use cultural context.