6 Reasons You Should Preach Through Numbers

By C. W. Faulkner | 06.22.2018

The book of Numbers teaches us that when God is with his people, the only thing they need to fear is their own sin.

5 Reasons You Should Preach through Leviticus

By Juan Sanchez | 06.14.2018

How can a holy God relate to sinful people? Leviticus provides us an answer to that question.

4 Reasons You Should Preach through Exodus

By Bobby Jamieson | 06.07.2018

Exodus proclaims God’s great act of delivering his people from bondage, gifting them his law, and inviting them into intimate fellowship with himself.

4 Reasons You Should Preach Through Genesis

By Erik Raymond | 05.31.2018

Genesis tells the story of a God who creates everything out of nothing in order to bless his people and glorify himself.

Episode 52: On the Sufficiency of Scripture

Episode 52: On the Sufficiency of Scripture

By J. Leeman, M. Dever | 05.15.2018

What do we mean when we say that Scripture is “sufficient”? Does the sufficiency of Scripture have anything to do with pastoral ministry? Does it shackle pastors or does it provide them reassurance?

Expositional Sermons Are a Picture of Salvation

Expositional Sermons Are a Picture of Salvation

By Mark Dever | 04.25.2018

A day is coming when faith will give way to sight, and sermons will be no more. But now, we’re in a different time. Now, we still need to hear God’s Word spoken to us.

The Dangerous Allure of Being a Cultural Warrior

By Brian Davis | 9Marks Journal: Church Life: Our True Political Witness | 04.17.2018

Our cultural engagement should always advertise our true hope. Just as we are not of this world, our hope is not of this world—nor is it dependent on this world’s acceptance.

Churches Should Say Neither Too Little Nor Too Much

By Matthew Arbo | 9Marks Journal: Church Life: Our True Political Witness | 04.17.2018

The prophetic nature of the church is to live and speak as a people unembarrassed by the power of the gospel.

Lessons from the Worst Sermon I Ever Heard

By Mike McKinley | 04.16.2018

We regularly need to bring biblical theology to bear on our ministry in order to understand and accurately communicate the message of whatever text we’re teaching.

Jonathan Leeman and Mark Dever talk about Celebrity Pastors

Episode 47: On T4G and Celebrity Pastors

By J. Leeman, M. Dever | 04.10.2018

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the sixth Together for the Gospel conference. Does this conference exacerbate the problem of celebrity pastors, especially as articulated recently on TGC by Andy Crouch?

What is Expository Preaching?

What is Expositional Preaching?

By Mark Dever | 02.27.2018

A talk delivered at the 9Marks at Midwestern conference.

Why Should Christians Today Read Jonathan Edwards?

By Jeremy Kimble | 02.01.2018

Pastors in particular will benefit from Edwards, as they gain a clearer view of God, settle into a particular and important historical milieu, and consider his wisdom on a vast number of subjects.

Why Preach Expositionally?

Why Preach Expositionally?

By Mark Dever | 01.24.2018

Pastors who don’t preach expositionally will never preach more than they already know.

Do You Suffer from ‘Bible Anorexia’?

By Keri Folmar | 01.22.2018

Cutting-edge music, artistic videos, and clever illustrations can build a crowd, but God’s Word is what the Holy Spirit uses to build a church.

What Makes a Good Sermon? Five Questions to Ask

By Josh Vincent | 12.11.2017

Are you sure you know a good sermon from a bad one?