Episode 1: On Gospel Growth Beyond Your Church

Pastors Talk

In the inaugural episode of our new podcast Pastors’ Talk, Jonathan Leeman sits down with Mark Dever to talk about seeing the gospel grow in your city, not just your church.


– What do you do when the revival you’ve been praying for breaks out . . . at the church down the street? (1:08)

– Is it always carnal to desire your own church to grow? (3:02)

– What are some of the signs of a wrongful “turfiness” that pastors should watch out for in their own hearts and ministries? (4:38)

– Why do you pray for other churches by name in CHBC’s services? (6:25)

– Explain how you can structure a staff and budget to help other churches. (8:35)

– What role might ministerial fellowships play in local gospel growth? (12:24)

– Are multi-site and multi-service churches necessarily “turfy”? (14:30)

– What about church planting and revitalizing? (18:49)

– Any last lessons for promoting gospel growth locally? (24:30)

* * * * * 

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