Episode 7: How to Leave Your Church Well

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Jonathan chats with Mark about good and bad reasons to leave a church, and offers principles for leaving well once the decision has been made. (Listen on iTunes.)


– There are wise ways and unwise ways to leave a church. What should we look for in a church? (1:30)

– What about those who leave for unwise or immature reasons? (2:20)

– Do you ever forbid people from leaving? (2:50)

– What about those who leave for a church that denies the gospel? Roman Catholic? Prosperity gospel? Same-sex affirming? (5:25)

– What advice do you give to a person who’s thinking about leaving their church? (10:50)

– Should you talk to the pastor? (13:30)

– How do you leave well, once you decide? (14:20)

– What are things people do to divide the body as they leave? (15:30)

– How do you deal with strained or broken relationships as you leave? (17:20)

* * * * *

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