Joshua 11–21: On the Big, Boring List of Place Names that You Should Read with Tears in Your Eyes (Bible Talk, Ep. 69)

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When you get to Joshua 11–21, you’ll be tempted to speed-read. It’s just a long list of places and names you’ve never heard of.

But the original readers? They would have read it slowly, with tears in their eyes. Alex, Jim, and Sam discuss.


2:32 / Why cover so many chapters in a single episode?

3:49 / Though Israel’s opposition boasts superior firepower, they stand no chance.

6:14 / How do we understand the purpose statement behind Joshua’s war-making? (Josh. 11:20)

7:55 / Why are the Anakim significant?

8:42 / The author of Joshua isn’t a dispensationalist. 

10:31 / Promises made to Moses are fulfilled through Joshua.

12:32 / How is the conquest completed if there’s still war to be fought?

16:37 / What is the Lord referring to when he tells Joshua, “You are old and advanced in years, and there remains yet very much land to possess”? (13:1)

17:00 / How does the structure of chapters 13-24 of Joshua reveal their emphasis?

23:57 / What does Joshua state is the main point of his lengthy list of place names? (21:43-45)

25:23 / Why are the Levites mentioned so many times in these chapters?


* * * * *

Painting: A map of the Land of Canaan or Holy Land, John Bowles (1760)

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