Learning to Love the Local Church: Connection (Priscilla Talk, Ep. 39)

By E. Wheeler, J. Manley, K. Folmar | 06.24.2024

In this episode of Priscilla Talk, Keri Folmar, Jenny Manley, and Erin Wheeler interview Naomi about how a healthy local church fuels love for God and other members.


By B. Croft, R. Martin | 06.20.2024

Silence is a catalyst for care for one’s soul and for combating a noisy, hurried ministry. 

1 Kings 9: On When Prophecy Becomes Past, Which Explains the Present (Bible Talk, Ep. 120)

By A. Duke, J. Hamilton, S. Emadi | 06.19.2024

When we read the Old Testament, we’re tempted to see characters as either all good or all bad. But when we get to 1 Kings 9 and see Solomon’s interactions with Hiram the King of Tyre, well, it’s more complicated than that.

Alex Duke, Jim Hamilton, and Sam Emadi discuss.

On Confidentiality (Counseling Talk, Ep. 7)

By D. Reju, G. Kell, H. Satrom | 06.17.2024

Christians expect strict confidentiality when speaking of their own sins. But is that good for them?

In this episode of Counseling Talk, Deepak Reju, Hayley Satrom, and Garrett Kell discuss how to shepherd secrets for gospel purposes.