1 Samuel 16: On the Ruddy Seed of Judah from the Little Town of Bethlehem (Bible Talk, Ep. 90)

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In 1 Samuel 16, we finally meet David. He’s an afterthought to his father, a caretaker to his father’s sheep, and a comforter to the demon-addled king Saul. But to the Lord? He’s the King. Alex Duke, Jim Hamilton, and Sam Emadi discuss.


1:27 / What just happened in Chapter 15?

4:39 / How are the anointing of David and the offering of Isaac (in Gen. 22) connected? 

5:38 / David’s introduction is much more promising than Saul’s.

7:43 / “Man looks on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on the heart” (16:7).

10:50 / Why does the author of 1 Samuel describe David as handsome with beautiful eyes if outward appearance doesn’t matter? (16:12)

12:16 / David is anointed as king, but is there more going on with his anointing? 

13:53 / How does the way David and Saul are introduced inform how Israel’s kings are supposed to lead?

16:44 / Jim identifies where in Scripture the phrases “anointed him in the midst of his brothers” and “the Spirit of the Lord rushed upon. . .” are connected to (16:13).

18:47 / What is the harmful spirit that the Lord sends to Saul? Is Saul demon-possessed? (16:14–15)

24:36 / Who is David described like by Saul’s servants? (16:18)

27:09 / David refuses to take the kingdom, but waits for God to give it to him.

30:18 / What do we make of the “musical exorcism” in this passage? 

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Graphic: Saul and David, Rembrandt Mauritshuis (1650)

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