Book Review: His Testimonies, My Heritage, ed. by Kristie Anyabwile


His Testimonies, My Heritage

Reviewed by Melissa Kruger

Savoring a variety of foods with hints of spices prepared to delight the palate is one of my favorite activities. To say it more plainly, I love to eat. It’s even better when a meal is shared with others. The collective delight of eating with loved ones around a table enhances the experience for everyone. Good meals are even better with good friends.

Reading His Testimonies, My Heritage: Women of Color on the Word of God felt like sitting down to a feast with friends, all delighting in the finest main course—God’s word. As author Shar Walker explains, “David describes God’s word as being ‘sweeter than honey’ (v 103). God’s word is good. It tastes good to our souls, and it is good for our souls” (151).

Edited by Bible-study teacher Kristie Anyabwile, His Testimonies shares the voices and wisdom of African-American, Latin American, Native America, Asian, and Caribbean women as they teach from God’s word. It’s a needed book and wonderful opportunity to learn. Each devotion considers Psalm 119, an acrostic poem of the Hebrew alphabet with 22 sections from aleph to tav. Together, these reflections celebrate God’s word as they illuminate the power of God’s word in the stories of God’s people.


Each author expounds the truth of God’s word as she shares its significance in her own life. Women’s ministry leader Patricia Namnun reminds us of the importance of Spirit-filled obedience and delight in God’s word: “Not only do we need God’s grace for a life of obedience to the Scriptures—we also need his grace to see the wonders of his word” (49).

Anyabwile shares the life-giving reassurance God’s word provides, “Meditating on God’s word brings me comfort in the midst of my fears and serves as my refuge as I stand for him and trust him with my son’s future” (125).

Director of Women’s Ministry, Blair Linne explains the refreshing power of God’s word in physical suffering, “Like the psalmist, without my affliction I would not comprehend the mercy of the word to the extent I am currently able to do. For it is in our darkest days of affliction that our Lord is waiting to refresh our soul with his abundant mercies” (217).

Collectively, these devotions invite us to read, study, memorize, obey, and enjoy God’s word. They remind us of its daily importance, as well as its trustworthiness. I encourage you, if your soul is weary and your heart in need of refreshment, take a drink from the wisdom found in His Testimonies My Heritage. You’ll find yourself seated at a table with women who teach from God’s Word with insight, beauty, and a deep love for God and his people. It’s the best kind of feast.

Melissa Kruger

Melissa Kruger currently serves on staff as Women’s Ministry Coordinator at Uptown Church in Charlotte, NC, and as an editor for The Gospel Coalition. She enjoys teaching women in her church and at conferences around the country. The author of Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood and The Envy of Eve, she regularly writes articles for the Gospel Coalition, Ligonier Ministry’s TableTalk magazine, and enCourage, a blog of the Presbyterian Church in America. Her most cherished roles include being a wife to Mike, president and New Testament Professor at Reformed Theological Seminary-Charlotte, and a mother to her three children.

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