Caleb Batchelor

Regulative Discipleship: Why a Full Calendar Doesn’t Necessarily Produce Mature Church Members

By Caleb Batchelor | 05.15.2024

If we affirm the regulative principle for the Sunday morning gathering, shouldn’t we also apply the same conviction to the rest of our discipleship ministries? 

Visible Grace in Disagreements

By Caleb Batchelor | 03.06.2024

Does the tone of your disagreements sound more like the intercessions of Jesus or the accusations of Satan?

How Would Paul Use a Church Directory? He’d Look for Grace on Every Page.

By Caleb Batchelor | 01.20.2021

Pull out your church directory and notice God’s grace in predestination, regeneration, justification, sanctification, and glorification.

Remembering the Lord’s Death at the Lord’s Table Together

Reservations for Two: Remembering the Lord’s Death at the Lord’s Table Together

By Caleb Batchelor | 08.07.2020

We often come to the table uneasy. We know we’ve been unfaithful. But as our shifting eyes look up, our Savior sits at the head of the table—staring at us with eyes full of affection.

A Published Homage to My Unpublished Dad

By Caleb Batchelor | 06.19.2020

I love my dad and I’m writing to honor him. But I also want to commend his example to other pastors.