Judges 13-14: On the Birth and Betrothal of Israel’s Surprising, Set-Apart, and Sinful Savior (Bible Talk, Ep. 78)

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In this episode of Bible Talk, Alex Duke chats with Jim Hamilton and Sam Emadi about Judges 13–14. They discuss Samson, Israel’s surprising, set-apart, and sinful savior.


1:18 / Where are we in the book of Judges?

3:36 / What is a Nazarite?

5:46 / How is Samson part of a pattern of important offspring being born to barren women?

13:54 / Sam and Jim point out other patterns in the birth of Samson.

19:16 / Samson wants to marry a Philistine woman. 

23:54 / How can the author of Judges make a definitive statement about the purposes of the Lord? (Judges 14:4)

24:55 / What’s noteworthy about Samson slaying a lion and eating honey out of it?

29:32 / “Sometimes sin tastes like honey, but it’s always surrounded in death”—is this a proper application of Samson’s honey-from-a-lion-carcass story?

32:49 / Why does Samson tell this unusual riddle? (Judges 14:14)

35:31 / Samson has the worst wedding ever.

38:48 / What’s the big idea of Judges 14? How would you preach Christ?

* * * * *

For more on Nazarite vows, listen to Bible Talk Episode 44: On How Moses’ Test for Adultery Is Different Than Monty Python’s Test for Witches.

Graphic: Samson Rendering The Lion, Albrecht Dürer (1497–98)
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