Numbers 5–8: On How Moses’ Test for Adultery Is Different Than Monty Python’s Test for Witches (Bible Talk, Ep. 44)

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In Numbers 5–8, Israel is still revving its engine, preparing to enter the Promised Land. For now, we read about a strange test for adultery, the genesis of the Nazirite vow, and Aaron’s blessing, one of the most well-known passages in the whole Bible.


1:41 / Where are we on Israel’s journey in the book of Numbers?

2:32 / Sam previews Numbers 5-8.

4:05 / Jim draws attention to the word “guilt” in Numbers 5:6.

5:10 / Sam argues Numbers 5-6 are about purity within the camp of Israel and what this purity is about. 

7:43 / What is Moses’ test for adultery, and why is it here?

11:09 / How do people often misinterpret Moses’ test for adultery?

12:26 / Who are the Nazarites, and what is their purpose in Israel?

14:43 / Is there any significance in the fact that Samson, Samuel, and John the Baptist are Nazarites?

17:10 / Jim breaks down the Aaronic blessing phrase-by-phrase.

21:29 / What does it mean for the Lord to “put his name upon the people of Israel?”

22:55 / What’s the function of the Aaronic blessing in the plot of Numbers?

24:37 / Jim connects Numbers 8:17-18 to 3:13, which communicate the “redemption of the firstborn” through the Levites.

26:06 / What is the simple message of the really long Numbers 7? 

29:31 / How does Moses end Israel’s season of preparation to enter the tabernacle in Numbers 8?

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