2 Samuel 7: On the Mountain Top of the Old Testament Which Teaches Us, Yet Again, That the Bible Is Amazing (Bible Talk, Ep. 100)

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To celebrate our 100th episode, we did something a little different. But the conversation—on perhaps the mountain-peak of the whole OT—ended up at the same place: the Bible is amazing.

Alex Duke, Jim Hamilton, and Sam Emadi chat about 2 Samuel 7.


Video Time Stamps on Left [Audio Time Stamps in Brackets on Right]

3:21 [3:52] / How does Chapter 7 connect to what precedes it? 

6:43 [7:14] / Why is 2 Samuel 7 perhaps the mountain top of the Old Testament?

8:04 [8:35] / How long have God’s people been anticipating “rest” from their enemies? And how might Adam’s dominion duty inform David’s desire to build a temple? (7:1–2)

11:13 [11:44] / The Lord begins his longest speech recorded in Scripture since his instructions at Mount Sinai.

16:42 [17:13] / How do God’s previous covenants relate to his one with David? 

18:33 [19:04] / The Lord promises to complete the Exodus and Conquest Project.

21:42 [22:13] / “The Lord will make you a house” … “and raise up your seed.” (7:11–12)

27:43 [28:14] / Why did Israel fall if the Lord promised to establish the throne of David’s seed forever? Establish forever how? (7:13)

32:19 [32:50] / What’s the significance of the father-son language? And how does the discipline of this son relate to Jesus? (7:14) 

36:27 [36:58] / How did the steadfast love of the Lord not depart from Israel’s throne, even in the exile? (7:15)

38:48 [39:19] / Which parts of the Davidic Covenant are new?

40:33 [41:04] / Which New Testament passages does this chapter inform?

44:05 [44:36] / Why does David sit before the Lord to pray? (7:18)

46:31 [47:02] / What does the phrase “this is instruction for mankind” mean? (7:19)

50:39 [51:10] / How is David’s prayer instructive for our own?

51:37 [52:08] / “Your words are true.” (7:28)

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