Training Pastors, Building Healthy Churches

For more than a decade, 9Marks has published a regular Journal to equip and encourage church leaders and church members. For this special, 20th-anniversary edition of the Journal, we compiled some of our most essential articles—several for each of the nine marks. If you're not familiar with our ministry, this would be an excellent place to start.

Download the Journal for free in ebook formats (PDF/ePub/Kindle), or purchase a print copy for $6 from Amazon.

What's inside:

  • - What is success in ministry?
  • - What is an "expositional" sermon?
  • - What is meant by "biblical theology"?
  • - What is the gospel?
  • - Is church membership biblical?
  • - Six ways to give your people false assurance
  • - Nine marks or a prosperity gospel church
  • - The problem with evangelistic programs
  • - Four practicies of a great comission church
  • - How does discipleship work?
  • - Moving from a deacon-led to an elder-led church
  • and much, much more!