The Case for Long-Term Missions

By Brooks Buser | 01.26.2023

How can “normal” Christians see their sons and daughters board ships and planes and be gone for decades, perhaps forever? The only sufficient answer I have found is this: these saints see past this world.

Judges 3:7-31: On Othniel the Leader, Ehud the Left-Handed, and Clippy the Paper Clip (Bible Talk, Ep. 72)

By A. Duke, J. Hamilton, S. Emadi | 01.25.2023

In this episode of Bible Talk, Alex Duke chats with Jim Hamilton and Sam Emadi about the first three judges: Othniel the golden boy, Ehud the left-handed “son of the right-handers,” and Shamgar the oxgoad-warrior.

Book Review: Gospel-Driven Change, by Paul Watts

Review by Harry Fujiwara | 01.25.2023

In ‘Gospel-Driven Change’, Paul Watts comes alongside his reader as the seasoned, older pastor. Any younger pastor will learn from his experience.

On Shepherding after a Pastor’s Moral Failure, with Thomas Terry (Pastors Talk, Ep. 223)

By J. Leeman, M. Dever, T. Terry | 01.24.2023

I wish I could somehow bottle up the cries and the agony that we heard that night and present it to folks and say, “This is what you will hear if you fail your congregation.”

Listen to Mark Dever and Jonathan Leeman talk to Thomas Terry about shepherding in the aftermath of a pastor’s moral failure.