1 Samuel 26–28: On the Witch of Endor’s Surprising Success, the Ghost of Samuel’s Final Sermon, and the King of Israel’s Meal with the Devil (Bible Talk, Ep. 96)

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When Saul stops hearing from the LORD, he gets so desperate that he decides to consult . . . a witch! It’s one of the most shocking stories in the Bible.

In this episode of Bible Talk, Alex Duke chats with Jim Hamilton and Sam Emadi about 1 Samuel 26–28.


2:21 / Jim and Sam make preliminary, high-level comments about 1 Samuel 26.

6:10 / Saul “repents” again. David doesn’t buy it. (26:21–27:1)

9:26 / David’s words “there is nothing better for me. . .” may be alluded to in Ecclesiastes. (27:1).

10:48 / How does Chapter 27 reveal what type of king David is?

14:34 / David is deceptive with Achish about his raids. (27:8–12)

18:01 / What’s Saul’s biggest mistake yet? (28:1–13)

28:50 / Is it possible for appearances like Samuel’s to happen, outside of this historical event? (28:14)

31:33 / What is Samuel’s promise to Saul? (28:15–19)

34:45 / What earlier scenes from 1 Samuel and the Torah does Saul’s dark meal recall? (28:20–25)

* * * * *

Graphic: Saul and the With of Endor, William Sidney Mount (1828)

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