1 Samuel 4–7: On Eli’s Death, Dagon’s Destruction, and the Philistines Wondering about YHWH’s Return Policy (Bible Talk, Ep. 85)

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From Dagon’s decapitation to Eli’s death, from Ichabod to Ebenezer, 1 Samuel 4–7 has a lot going on. What’s it all mean?

Alex Duke, Jim Hamilton, and Sam Emadi discuss.


2:15 / What picture comes to mind when you hear “word of the Lord”?

4:05 / Sam explains the structure of Chapters 4–7.

6:16 / What’s the ark of the covenant, and where has it been all these years?

8:08 / Israel treats the ark like a lucky rabbit’s foot.

12:21 / What’s noteworthy about Eli’s death?

14:01 / Was Eli judge over Israel for 40 years or priest? (4:18)

15:05 / Why does the wife of Phinehas name her son Ichabod? (4:21)

17:58 / Dagon falls (5:1–5).

23:52 / Why do the Philistines put the ark on cows? (6:1–9)

27:07 / Israel doesn’t know the Bible any better than the Philistines (6:19).

28:48 / Where does Sam and Jim see penal substitutionary atonement in these chapters?

34:30 / How is Chapter 7 a fitting end to this section of the book?

* * * * *

Graphic: The Fall of Dagon – Or Rare News For Leadenhall Street, W. Humphrey and T. Rowlandson (1784)



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