2 Samuel 1–3: On Bill Buckner’s Obituary, Ish-Bosheth’s Failed Coup Attempt, and a Parable of a Prodigal Soldier (Bible Talk, Ep. 98)

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In 2 Samuel 1–3, the inaugural moments of King David’s reign are full of stomach-stabbings, failed coups, and heartfelt laments. And through it all, King David remains upright and unscathed. Alex Duke, Jim Hamilton, and Sam Emadi discuss.


2:43 / “On the third day.” (2 Sam. 1:2)

4:58 / Why is a story about a lying Gentile included in 2 Samuel? (1:6–16)

11:17 / Sam and Jim provide commentary on David’s lament over the death of Saul and Jonathan. (1:17–27)

19:03 / The Lord sends David to Hebron. Have we been there before? And what happens there? (2:1–7)

21:48 / The author of 2 Samuel edits the name of Saul’s son to make a point. (2:8)

24:42 / “When Israel’s at war with itself, nobody wins.” (2:12–16)

28:31 / After David’s rise is narrated, how is his fall foreshadowed? (3:1–5) 

31:51 / Can we use the obscene language that the Bible does?

35:52 / Abner reconciles with David, but not with Joab. (3:12–39) 

46:00 / What’s the take-home lesson from the opening moments of David’s kingship?

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Photo: Stan Grossfeld/Associated Press, 1986

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