2 Samuel 13: On the Hateful Misanthrope and the Hateful Milquetoast (Bible Talk, Ep. 104)

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The story of Amnon, Tamar, and the subsequent terrible fallout is ultimately a story about two fake loves. In this episode of Bible Talk, Alex Duke, Jim Hamilton, and Sam Emadi talk through 2 Samuel 13.


2:43 / At this point in the book, are we diving head first into the dark era of David’s reign? 

4:06 / The sword never departs from David’s house after what evil? (13:1–14)

11:57 / How does Amnon hate Tamar so quickly after loving her so greatly? (13:15) 

14:03 / How do Tamar and Joseph’s stories compare and contrast?

15:48 / How is Amnon’s second sin against Tamar “greater”? (13:16)

16:34 / David does no justice. (13:20–22)

21:38 / Why doesn’t David stop Absalom’s invitation to Amnon? (13:23–27)

24:42 / Absalom takes vengeance. (13:28–33)

30:45 / What does David’s longing for Absalom and comfort over Amnon’s death tell us about where he is spiritually? (13:39)

Graphic: Jonadab Counseling Amnon, Phillip Galle and Maarten van Heemskerck (1559)


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