2 Samuel 15:13–16:23: On David’s Exodus Reversal and Accidentally Stealing from C. S. Lewis (Bible Talk, Ep. 106)

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A messenger comes to David and gives him bad news: “The hearts of the men of Israel have gone after Absalom.” Then David flees—and in doing so he fails as both father and king.


3:27 / Should David have fled Jerusalem to escape Absalom? (15:13–14)

5:30 / How is David’s exit related to the Exodus? (15:16–18)

9:34 / Why does David direct the ark of God back into the city? (15:25)

11:40 / How is David’s suffering a typological pattern? (15:30)

16:21 / David’s friends and enemies take sides. (15:31–16:14)

20:48 / How is this passage related to some psalms?

29:54 / Hushai fools Absalom; Ahithophel gives him wicked counsel.

Graphic: Shimei curses David, Julius Schnorr von Karolsfeld (1860)


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