Joshua 22-24: On Joshua’s Postscript and Post-Postscript, Which Is a Lot Like a Marvel Movie’s (Bible Talk, Ep. 70)

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The book of Joshua comes to the end, and through it all, its message has stayed the same.


1:48 / Where is Israel as Joshua concludes?

3:57 / Why is Israel about to have a civil war? (Josh 22:10-12)

6:22 / How is war avoided?

7:30 / Sam compares the plots of Joshua and Judges.

9:16 / Are chapters 23-24 a postscript?

10:23 / What’s the main point of the last chapters of Joshua?

14:32 / What’s significant about Joshua’s character arc and his seeming lack of flaws?

17:17 / Warnings about disobedience accumulate.

18:57 / Shechem: The Washington, D.C. of the Promised Land (kind of)

20:33 / What do we learn about Abraham in Joshua 24?

21:57 / Who is the hornet? (Josh. 24:12)

23:20 / Jim provides commentary on Joshua 24:14-28.

26:06 / Why does Joshua tell Israel, “You are not able to serve the LORD”? (Josh. 24:19)

31:06 / The book of Joshua keeps going when you think it’s over; what’s with the post-postscript about Joseph’s bones?

37:52 / Why does Joshua close with an obituary for little-known Eleazar?  


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