Joshua 7–8: On Achan’s Sin, the Fall of Ai, and Steph Curry’s Ankle Injury (Bible Talk, Ep. 67)

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In this episode of Bible Talk, Alex Duke chats with Jim Hamilton and Sam Emadi about Joshua 7–8. They discuss the sin of Achan, the fall of Ai, and the “death and resurrection” of Israel.


2:11 / Who is Achan? What did he do? What are the devoted things?

4:23 / What explains Israel’s meltdown at Ai?

7:01 / What’s going on in Joshua’s response to Israel’s surprising defeat?

9:26 / What do verses 10-12 of chapter six communicate about Israel’s sin?

11:39 / What are circumstances like Joshua’s where prayer would be inappropriate? Are there additional applications of the Lord’s command for him to “Get up!”? (Josh 7:10)

14:03 / Where else in Scripture is the phrase “an outrageous thing in Israel” used? (Josh. 7:15)

15:33 / How does Joshua discover Achan’s sin? And what does Achan’s confession reveal?

21:23 / What’s significant about Achan being from the tribe of Judah?

21:49 / Is Israel’s conquest about ethnicity?

23:06 / What’s Joshua’s military strategy to take the city of Ai?

25:42 / If Achan had only waited…

26:14 / How is chapter seven and eight a picture of death and resurrection?

27:58 / Why does Israel participate in another covenant renewal? (Josh. 8:30-35)

29:06 / Jim points out evidence for Moses’ authorship of the Torah.

30:01 / Where did the sojourners among Israel come from? (Josh. 8:33, 35)

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Painting: The Stoning of Achan, Gustav Doré (1866)


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