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9Marks Explained : A Letter From Mark Dever

Wanted: Apostolic Pastors

I was in a meeting not too long ago in which a pastor said that he was going to lead his church to be the first church in history that fulfilled the great commission. That’s a breathtaking claim. Read more >

Blessings and Trials of Short-Term Staff

It may seem intuitively obvious that long-term church staff are better than short-term staff for administrative and even pastoral work. Indeed, there are disadvantages to short-term staff. But there are also some distinct blessings that come with deliberately hiring for the short-term. Read more >

The Obvious and Not-So-Obvious of Staff Management

Full disclosure: My staff may think it’s funny that I’m writing an article on wisely managing the staff. Not everyone would say that this is one of my strong suits. That said, I’ve been doing it for the better part of two decades now, and even I’ve learned a few things, if only by mistakes. So here are some common tips, some obvious tips, and a few, perhaps, not-so-obvious tips. COMMON TIPS Read more >

Staying for the Glory of God: The Sibbes, Simeon and Stott Model

Many times I’ve heard a conference preacher introduced like this: “Dr. Foreman is an internationally sought after preacher. He has pastored churches in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Texas, and Tennessee.” Reciting them all together makes it seem like this is an accomplishment—“his pastoral skills have been recognized everywhere!” Read more >

What’s Wrong With Search Committees? Part 1 of 2 on Finding a Pastor

Click here for the second of two articles: “What’s Right About Elders? Part 2 of 2 on Finding a Pastor"   Read more >

Pastoral Fearmongering, Manipulation, and Hell

Preaching about hell is manipulative. It’s a scare tactic. It’s fearmongering. Isn’t that what people say? For most of its history, says journalist A. C. Grayling, Christianity Read more >

Book Review: Brian McLaren's A New Kind of Christian

Let me come clean at the outset of this review. I picked up this book with some wariness, assuming that I would be a critical friend of its perspective. After finishing the book and reflecting on it, I would call myself more of a friendly critic, finding it less helpful than I would have hoped, and more dangerous than I would have thought. Read more >

Biblical Church Growth I Thessalonians 3:12-4:12

Toledo Reformed Theological Conference 27 April 2002 Read more >

How to Change Your Church

Pastors often ask me, “How do we get our churches to change?” Too many ministers have alienated their churches trying to bring change. Some have even been fired. Still, as shepherds, we must lead our churches to change, even though such change will often be difficult. Here’s a few suggestions about how to bring change: teach, stay and love. Teach to change Read more >

"God told me" and the Sufficiency of Scripture

I was dumbfounded (a pretty rare occurrence).This fellow had just told me that his supervisor had assigned him the task to make a master-plan for a new church plant, and that when he prayed about it God told him just to use the words of Jesus. Let me be clear. He said that God told him that in his planning for this new church, he was only to consult, reflect upon, quote the words of Jesus. Read more >