New Multimedia Resource: Jonathan Leeman on God’s Word

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How should we as Christians view God’s Word?  How does God’s Word give life to a congregation?  Is God’s Word really that important in the local church?  Jonathan Leeman recently had the opportunity to encourage and instruct some church members in Graham, Texas by considering these questions and more.  Jonathan spoke at Graham Bible Church, where he gave four talks on God’s Word:

Session 1 – The Power of God’s Word:  AUDIO | VIDEO

Session 2 – The Preaching of God’s Word:  AUDIO | VIDEO

Session 3 – The Content of God’s Word:  AUDIO | VIDEO

Session 4 – The Reverberation of God’s Word: AUDIO | VIDEO

This is a great resource for both pastors and church members, as it provides a solid vision for the authority and centrality of God’s Word.  Our hope is that this resource will equip you to better serve in you church.


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