Brian Croft

Modern Exhortations to Pastoral Friendship

By B. Croft, J. B. Carroll, M. A. G. Haykin | 03.16.2023

Despite increasing connectedness, many in our culture face a growing isolation of the soul and pastors are prime candidates for this paradoxical lifestyle.

Session 6 – How do you raise up elders and deacons when there are none? – Brian Croft

By Brian Croft | 11.23.2016

9Marks, the North American Mission Board, and Send partnered together for a one-day conference on church revitalization in Washington, DC.

Preaching the Gospel at Funerals

By Brian Croft | 02.20.2015

The most helpful advice I ever received about preaching at a funeral for someone I didn’t know is: “Don’t preach them into heaven. Don’t preach them into hell. Just preach the gospel for the people who are there.”

Ten Steps to a More Fruitful Sabbatical

By Brian Croft | 08.26.2014

If you are planning for an upcoming sabbatical, I hope this begins a helpful conversation about what would be the best ways for you to benefit from this gift.

Overcoming the Monday Morning “Preaching Hangover”

By Brian Croft | 06.10.2014

How do you overcome the Monday morning “preaching hangover”? You may call it something different, but every pastor knows about it.  It is the mental, emotional, and spiritual crash that … keep reading…

Evaluating Prospective Church Members Who Appear Unconverted

By Brian Croft | 06.10.2014

  How do you evaluate a prospective church member who appears unconverted? A dear pastor friend of mine contacted me recently with what he felt was this exact dilemma.  I … keep reading…

Facing Attack and Betrayal by Church Members

By Brian Croft | 06.10.2014

Some of the most painful situations I have ever faced in ministry is when those whom are your biggest supporters are the ones who turn on you.  I can remember … keep reading…

Lessons Learned from Shepherding a 106 Year-Old Widow

By Brian Croft | 06.10.2014

I have had the honor of knowing an amazing lady in my church. Tillie Roberts, affectionately known to most of us as “Ms. Tillie,” is 106 years old and is … keep reading…

Coming Together: The Pastoral Fellowship for Practical Theology

By Brian Croft | 9Marks Journal: Wanted: Apostolic Pastors | 05.08.2012

From the four corners of Louisville, a growing number of pastors have been gathering for fellowship, teaching, and prayer. Here’s their story, and some of the unexpected fruits they’ve seen.

Book Review: The U-Turn Church, by Kevin Harney and Bob Bouwer

Review by Brian Croft | 9Marks Journal: Revitalize: Why We Must Reclaim Dying Churches—and How | 10.28.2011

Here are a few ways this book can help pastors who are reforming churches, as well as cautions you will want to consider as you read.

Five Unexpected Lessons in Church Revitalization

By Brian Croft | 9Marks Journal: Revitalize: Why We Must Reclaim Dying Churches—and How | 10.28.2011

The gospel can not only build a local church, but rebuild it also—sometimes in surprising, unexpected ways.

Book Review: Loving the Church, by John Crotts

Review by Brian Croft | 9Marks Journal: Church Membership: Holding the Body Together | 04.28.2011

This book speaks a piercing word to pastors. It reminds us of the biblical standard to which God calls us.