Caleb Greggsen

On Sending Churches and Local Churches and Missionaries and Agencies, with Miller Johnson and Caleb Greggsen (Missions Talk, Ep. 19)

By C. Greggsen, J. Mack Stiles, M. Johnson, R. Robertson | 07.28.2023

In this episode of Missions Talk, Mack and Ryan interview Miller and Caleb Greggsen about the relationship between missionaries and sending churches.

On Why Biblical Church Membership Matters in Missions, with David Lawrence, Chariot Lu, and Caleb Greggsen (Missions Talk, Ep. 5)

By C. Greggsen, C. Lu, D. Lawrence, J. Mack Stiles, R. Robertson | 12.02.2022

Ryan and Mack chat with three pastors—from Central Asia, from the Middle East, and from East Asia—about the biblical principle of church membership.

Episode 205: On Pastoring International Churches (with Caleb Greggsen)

By C. Greggsen, J. Leeman | 05.10.2022

In this episode of Pastors Talk, Jonathan Leeman chats with Caleb Greggsen about the underestimated value of pastoring international churches.

What the Doctrine of Man Means for Your Accountability Group

By Caleb Greggsen | 9Marks Journal: Sound Doctrine: The Foundation for Faithful Ministry | 11.16.2021

The usefulness of accountability relationships depends on whether or not you allow the Bible’s instruction about people to inform how you think about such groups.

Friendship: The Foundation of Paul’s Global Ministry

By Caleb Greggsen | 10.25.2021

One of Paul’s most consistent values may surprise us: friendship.

Never Underestimate the Value of Ordinary, Brief, Christian Conversations

By Caleb Greggsen | 9Marks Journal: The Ordinary Means of Grace—Or, Don’t Do Weird Stuff | 07.26.2021

We overlook the value of ordinary, brief, Christian conversations.

Book Review: Missional Renaissance, by Reggie McNeal

Review by Caleb Greggsen | 02.18.2021

We need churches filled with Christians who encourage each other to be confident that our gospel is the most relevant message to the world, even when the world tells us it doesn’t matter at all.

Book Review: Heaven by Randy Alcorn

By Caleb Greggsen | 9Marks Journal: Heaven: Rejoicing in Future Glory | 12.22.2020

Randy Alcorn’s Heaven responds to fanciful, Scripture-less depictions of heaven with a faithful, biblical exploration of the subject.

How Formal Membership Makes the Church a Family

By Caleb Greggsen | 11.02.2020

If you want the church to feel like a family, commit to formal church membership.

Book Review: The Heart of the Preacher, by Rick Reed

Review by Caleb Greggsen | 10.29.2020

The Heart of the Preacher is a devotional book for preachers that provides clear, biblical prescriptions for guarding and building up your heart to serve God’s people.

A Strict But Clear Definition of the Church Brings Freedom

By Caleb Greggsen | 08.24.2020

How would you, according to Scripture, define the church? Does this definition free you up or weigh you down?

Book Review: Finding the Right Hills to Die On, by Gavin Ortlund

Review by Caleb Greggsen | 05.21.2020

As you teach your congregation to care deeply about what the Bible says, you also need to teach them how to live with those who think the Bible teaches something different than what they believe.

Book Review: Missionary Methods, by Roland Allen

Review by Caleb Greggsen | 04.30.2020

Allen’s philosophy of missions is full of tempered wisdom and careful consideration of how the goal of missions should shape its practice.

Building a Culture of Evangelism Takes Time, So Be Patient and Get to Work

By C. Greggsen, S. Emadi | 02.24.2020

It takes time to grow a culture of evangelism. Hopefully some of these practices will help.

Book Review: Evangelism as Exiles

Review by Caleb Greggsen | 07.11.2019

Elliot Clark’s book is a gift to Christians tempted to feel discouraged by their increased sense of alienation in America. More than that, it is a clarion call to confidently declare the gospel in a world that desperately needs it.

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