Dallas Goebel

Book Review: The New Pastor’s Handbook, by Jason Helopoulos

Review by Dallas Goebel | 03.22.2016

This book gives guys like me the opportunity to sit down with an experienced pastor, ask any ministry related question, and receive a sound, concise answer.

What I’ve Learned After One Year of Preaching God’s Word

By Dallas Goebel | 9Marks Journal: Expositional Preaching | 06.03.2015

A good gardener delights in what he plants, and finds joy in seeing the smallest fruit. So it must be for the pastor.

Truly, Truly I Say to You: 8 “Truly’s” from Mike McKinley’s Church Planting Is for Wimps

By Dallas Goebel | 03.31.2015

I am a new pastor of a church revitalization, and Mike McKinley’s book Church Planting Is For Wimps has been a deep encouragement to me.

Book Review: Ordinary, by Michael Horton

Review by Dallas Goebel | 10.15.2014

God has given us some very ordinary means of grace through which he will do some extraordinary things.