Dave Cook

Help! I’ve Been Asked to Deliver the Announcements

By Dave Cook | 07.07.2022

Sunday morning announcements at church may be understated, but good ones set the tone for a worship service and keep the congregation informed. The time it takes to do them well is worth it.

What Does Your Church Covenant Sound Like?

By Dave Cook | 07.20.2021

Sometimes on our anniversary, my wife and I re-read our covenant vows to each other. It’s always special. When churches stand and read their church covenant together, there’s no reason … keep reading…

Pastors, Fight Against Fear of Man by Fighting for the Fear of the Lord

By Dave Cook | 05.10.2021

It’s possible to be afraid of God, but the man who rightly fears God enjoys the thrill, the breathlessness, the awe of glimpsing God’s glory. This man knows his own smallness—and doesn’t mind it.