David Powlison

What is wrong with the therapeutic approach to counseling?

By David Powlison | 03.01.2010

The essential logic of the therapeutic gospel is this: your personal problems arise from being acted upon.

What Distinguishes Biblical Counseling from other Methods?

By David Powlison | 02.26.2010

Just what is “biblical counseling” anyway?

What Questions Does a Biblical Counselor Suggest We Ask?

By David Powlison | 02.26.2010

In discipling somone, I am doing nothing more than pursuing the same line of questioning and reasoning that I myself need.

Praying Beyond Health Concerns

By David Powlison | 02.26.2010

Why don’t church members pray beyond the sick list? Often because their pastors have not taught or modeled otherwise.

Looking at the Past and Present of Counseling

By David Powlison | 9Marks Journal: Counseling in the Church | 02.25.2010

People are willing to pay money to others who will never lead them to the Savior of the World. But that must change.

The Therapeutic Gospel

By David Powlison | 9Marks Journal: The Gospel | 02.25.2010

In this new gospel, the great “evils” to be redressed do not call for any fundamental change of direction in the human heart.

Leadership Interview with Mark Dever

Life and Counseling with David Powlison

By D. Powlison, M. Dever | 10.25.2008

David Powlison shares about his conversion, his view of counseling, his quick take on multiple books, and more.