David Schrock

Postmillennialism and Theonomy

By David Schrock | 9Marks Journal: A New Christian Authoritarianism? | 04.27.2023

Christ is reigning, and he will accomplish his purpose on earth as it is in heaven. But that purpose is best seen in the beautification and building up of the church in the midst of nations, not a final golden era among the nations, where all the nations are made Christian by the church’s influence.

The Three Most Important Words I Learned in Seminary: “Textual, Epochal, Canonical”

By David Schrock | 9Marks Journal: What's Wrong With Gospel-Centered Preaching Today? | 03.31.2020

This approach to reading Scripture doesn’t mean we’ll perfectly understand or apply God’s Word. Scripture is perfect; interpreters aren’t

Book Review: Hearers and Doers, by Kevin Vanhoozer

Review by David Schrock | 01.16.2020

In a world where churches chase the latest ministry fads, Hearers and Doers is a refreshing contrast.

Giving Thanks for Jesus’s Gifts

By David Schrock | 11.28.2019

In Paul’s letters to the churches, we find a peculiar focus on giving thanks for the people whom Christ has given us in our local churches.

How Unconditional Election Sustains Pastoral Ministry

Calvinist Pastors and Non-Calvinist Churches: Candidating, Pastoring, and Moving On

By David Schrock | 9Marks Journal: Ecclesiology for Calvinists | 02.05.2019

I want to share a few things that might be helpful for you—Calvinist pastor—if the Lord leads you to a church that doesn’t celebrate the doctrines of grace.

Book Review: When Heaven Invades Earth, by Bill Johnson

Review by David Schrock | 03.01.2017

When Trinity-eroding, Christ-denying, gospel-subverting error is published, we ought not shy away from declaring a teacher or teaching as heretical.

Book Review: The Blessed Life, by Robert Morris

Review by David Schrock | 02.27.2017

I don’t believe Morris is deliberately twisting Scripture, but his faulty, self-referential, story-telling, proof-texting approach leads him to doctrines and practices that are errant for the disciple, if not downright dangerous.

Waters That Unite: Five Truths About Water Baptism

By David Schrock | 03.14.2016

1. Baptism identifies us with Christ. 2. Baptism doesn’t save; it announces salvation. 3. Baptism is an individual announcement. 4. Baptism is also a church announcement. 5. Baptism follows belief.

Book Review: God’s Design for Man and Woman, by Andreas and Margaret Köstenberger

Review by David Schrock | 9Marks Journal: Complementarianism & the Local Church | 02.23.2015

In the last three decades there has not been a comprehensive and scholarly biblical theology of manhood and womanhood. Until now.

A Softer Prosperity Gospel: More Common Than You Think

By David Schrock | 9Marks Journal: Prosperity Gospel | 01.14.2014

Five trademarks of a subtler strain of prosperity teaching.