Erik Raymond

Why and how should pastors cultivate contentment?

Why and How Should Pastors Cultivate Contentment?

By Erik Raymond | 01.03.2019

We grow in contentment through a long process in the university of Jesus.

Church Members Must Watch Their Elders’ Life & Doctrine

By Erik Raymond | 08.07.2018

In a healthy church, the relationship between elders and church members will be characterized by trust.

4 Reasons You Should Preach Through Genesis

By Erik Raymond | 05.31.2018

Genesis tells the story of a God who creates everything out of nothing in order to bless his people and glorify himself.

Pursuing Contentment through Your Ordinary Local Church

By Erik Raymond | 04.06.2017

Your church has a primary role in your personal pursuit of contentment. Does this surprise you?

Book Review: Fool’s Talk, by Os Guinness

Review by Erik Raymond | 03.29.2016

Far too often, we engage in apologetics to win arguments rather than to win hearts. This book corrects that wrong impulse.

Disciple-Making Is Ordinary Christianity

By Erik Raymond | 08.26.2014

You could say that Christianity is more than discipleship, but it is not less.

Evangelism Tool Review: New World Gospel Presentation

By Erik Raymond | 9Marks Journal: Evangelism - Part 1 | 09.09.2013

InterVarsity’s “New World Gospel Presentation” is an evangelism outline “designed to lead others to make a decision for Jesus Christ and join his mission to heal the world.”[1] As of today there are training materials on their website, Vimeo and YouTube. Additionally, they have developed a free app (iOS and Android) to help illustrate the […]