Kevin McKay

One Cure for Burnout: Building a Network of Like-Minded Brothers

By Kevin McKay | 9Marks Journal: Pastoral Burnout: Its Causes & Cures | 07.17.2018

Email another pastor in your area and ask them to read this article with you. Maybe it will start a life-giving friendship for both of you.

A Pastoral Response to Millennial Autonomy

By Kevin McKay | 9Marks Journal: Authority: God's Good and Dangerous Gift | 08.15.2016

The church gives millennials the joys of intimate relationship and meaning, but not in ways most might naturally think.

Overcoming Objections to Evangelism

By Kevin McKay | 9Marks Journal: Evangelism - Part 1 | 08.27.2013

Whether stated or felt, many Christians pose objections to evangelism. Here’s some guidance for working through them.