Matt McCullough

3 Reasons You Should Preach through Ecclesiastes

By Matt McCullough | 10.11.2018

Ecclesiastes surprises people. That’s partly because it says things you don’t expect to hear from the Bible.

Church Plants Need Pastors, Not Entrepreneurs

By Matt McCullough | 9Marks Journal: Church Mergers and Plants | 06.20.2017

We often assume church planting requires more entrepreneurial skills than other pastoral contexts. Is that a fair assumption?

Hope for the Melancholy Preacher

By Matt McCullough | 9Marks Journal: Expositional Preaching | 06.10.2015

How do we learn to live with the fact that no sermon will ever measure up to the depths of our text, to the needs of our people, or to our ideal images of ourselves? What does success look like when you know your preaching will never be good enough?

The American Jeremiad: A Bit of Perspective on the Rhetoric of Decline

By Matt McCullough | 9Marks Journal: Vanishing Church? | 10.23.2014

We must guard against responses to cultural decline that appeal to a past that never existed or a future God hasn’t promised.

Book Review: Homespun Gospel, by Todd Brenneman

Review by Matt McCullough | 9Marks Journal: Vanishing Church? | 10.13.2014

This book criticizes Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, and Max Lucado for their sentimentality. Is the critique convincing?

Book Review: The Twilight of the American Enlightenment, by George Marsden

Review by Matt McCullough | 09.16.2014

George Marsden offers us a window into a lost world and, to some extent, the story of how that world was lost.

Steve Jobs and the Goal of Preaching

By Matt McCullough | 08.28.2014

Jobs said it’s not enough to offer customers what they already think they need. He wanted Apple to be a transformational influence, exposing and then meeting needs that customers didn’t realize they had.

The Word Works, Even When It Doesn’t

By Matt McCullough | 08.26.2014

The Word is profitable, Paul insists, even when the results have been discouraging. So there’s nothing to do but to keep on preaching that Word, in season and out of season.

Love the Sojourner: First Steps in Refugee Outreach

By Matt McCullough | 08.26.2014

We want to see our members embrace an evangelistic way of life that trickles into our conversations with each other, how we spend our time, how we pray.

Wendell Berry and the Beauty of Membership

By Matt McCullough | 08.22.2014

Berry’s stories bring to life truths at the heart of the community we’re aiming for when we emphasize church membership.

Book Review: An Anxious Age, by Joseph Bottum

Review by Matt McCullough | 03.25.2014

An Anxious Age is an enjoyable and engaging read, thought provoking even where it isn’t fully convincing.

Book Review: The Great Evangelical Recession, by John Dickerson

Review by Matt McCullough | 9Marks Journal: Is Scripture Enough? | 06.24.2013

I found Dickerson’s information convincing overall: evangelical ministries are losing money, people, and the favor of the American public.

Book Review: Bad Religion: How We Became a Nation of Heretics, by Ross Douthat

Review by Matt McCullough | 9Marks Journal: Lay Elders: A User's Guide - Part 1 | 11.13.2012

This book is a call for a renewed, robust, public confidence in the power of Christian orthodoxy. All faithful pastors should resonate with this plea.

Book Review: Almost Christian, by Kenda Dean

Review by Matt McCullough | 9Marks Journal: Church and Parachurch: Friends or Foes? | 02.18.2011

This book is worth your time as a penetrating indictment of quasi-Christianity and a source of some helpful advice about how to fight back.

Book Review: After the Baby Boomers, Robert Wuthnow

Review by Matt McCullough | 9Marks Journal: Multi-site Churches | 03.02.2010

You can either shape your ministry to address the needs and desires of young adults, or you can shape your prophetic challenge to the specific weaknesses of your context.