Matt Merker

Why and how do we sing to one other?

By Matt Merker | 11.15.2017

We all understand that our singing during our gatherings is for God. But do we also think about how we’re supposed to sing to each other?

How should a worship service be ordered?

By Matt Merker | 09.07.2017

Preach the Bible, read the Bible, pray the Bible, sing the Bible, and see the Bible.

What’s the Goal of a Music Ministry?

By Matt Merker | 08.08.2017

The goal of a music ministry is to accompany, facilitate, and enhance the singing of the people of God. In this sense, everyone in the church is part of the choir.

VIDEO: How do you strengthen congregational singing?

By Matt Merker | 07.06.2017

— Teach on it; sing accessible, excellent songs; accentuate voices, not music.

Beyond the Worship Set

By Matt Merker | 9Marks Journal: The Church Singing | 04.23.2014

What exactly is “the worship set”? And should it be a given in our churches?

Book Review: Worship Leaders, We Are Not Rock Stars, by Stephen Miller

Review by Matt Merker | 9Marks Journal: Evangelism - Part 2 | 10.25.2013

For all the worship leaders out there, serve yourself and your church by letting Miller’s thought-provoking book critique your heart.

The Pastor and Evangelism: Finding an Audience

By Matt Merker | 9Marks Journal: Evangelism - Part 1 | 09.09.2013

For a pastor the tough part isn’t knowing what to say, but—six days of the week—finding someone to say it to.