Matthew Spandler-Davison

Christians Should Be Motivated to Minister to Homeless People

By Matthew Spandler-Davison | 08.14.2017

Homelessness is always a crisis. But merciful, compassionate, and loving Christians can’t only and always walk the other way.

Church Planting in the Same Building

By Matthew Spandler-Davison | 9Marks Journal: Church Mergers and Plants | 06.20.2017

Our church was getting full, and we knew we needed to do something. So, we planted a church . . . in the same building.

Brothers, We’re in This Together

By Matthew Spandler-Davison | 11.21.2016

A local association of churches is essential and critical to the health of pastors and their churches.

9Marks in Mindanao

By Matthew Spandler-Davison | 10.08.2014

It felt utterly inadequate to come all this way to present a workshop on expositional preaching, biblical leadership, and meaningful membership.

Leadership Interview with Mark Dever

Planting Churches in Hard Places

By M. Dever, M. Spandler-Davison, M. McConnell | 05.02.2014

What does it take to plant churches among the urban poor? What role do women’s ministry and mercy ministry play?

Don’t Pull the Plug on Your Association Yet

By Matthew Spandler-Davison | 9Marks Journal: Wanted: Apostolic Pastors | 05.08.2012

The local Baptist association is dead. Or at least on life support. This story of turning one around provides great reasons not to pull the plug just yet.