Philip Van Steenburgh

One Way to Use “American Gospel” in Your Church

By Philip Van Steenburgh | 08.02.2019

Recently, our church partnered with two other local churches to host an event using the documentary film “American Gospel: In Christ Alone.” Our goal was to communicate the gospel clearly, especially on key points where the true gospel has been confused with moralism, Catholicism, and prosperity movements so prevalent inside and outside the church. 

Book Review: Lies Pastors Believe, by Dayton Hartman

Review by Philip Van Steenburgh | 03.01.2018

This book is for both pastors who don’t think self-deception is a concern and pastors who know they can be self-deceived

Philip Van Steenburgh

The Word Does the Work: Reflections from a New Pastor

By Philip Van Steenburgh | 10.03.2017

9Marks, the North American Mission Board, and Send DC partnered together for a one-day conference on church planting and revitalization in Washington, DC. The focus of the conference was “Understanding … keep reading…

Leadership Interview with Mark Dever

Culture of Discipling

By M. Dever, P. Van Steenburgh | 02.18.2011

Mark Dever explains why he prioritizes building relationships like he does—in the church, between Christians, and among pastors.