Sugel Michelén

What temptations encourage a pastor to accelerate church growth?

By Sugel Michelén | 01.03.2018

Pastors need to understand that church growth isn’t the work of one day, one month, or one year. It’s a lifetime work.

How should I share the gospel with a Roman Catholic?

By Sugel Michelén | 10.25.2017

Do we confront the differences between Protestants and Catholics head-on? Sugel Michelen answers.

What Is the Difference Between Protestantism & Roman Catholicism?

By Sugel Michelén | 10.18.2017

In Roman Catholicism, God does not receive all the glory because man has a crucial role to play in his salvation.

Why Is the Prosperity Gospel Attractive?

By Sugel Michelén | 9Marks Journal: Prosperity Gospel | 01.14.2014

The message of prosperity appeals directly to our native greed.