Christianity in Sub-Saharan Africa with Conrad Mbewe

9Marks | 06.30.2009

Zambian pastor Conrad Mbewe provides a firsthand look at the growth of biblical Christianity in his part of the world.

Leading the Church Today with Aaron Menikoff and Friends

9Marks | 06.01.2009

Aaron Menikoff asks Mark Dever and the 9Marks team to provide “Church 101″ for church members. Send it to your members today!

Christians and Culture with Ken Myers

9Marks | 05.01.2009

Mark Dever asks Ken Myers about why Christians today are so worldly and yet so obsessed with culture. Does he see any correlation?

College Students and the Local Church

9Marks | 04.01.2009

Aaron Messner discusses the unique challenges and opportunities churches face in reaching college students.

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones: Reflections on His Ministry with His Family

9Marks | 09.30.2006

How often do you get to hear the children of great ministers reminisce about their father’s ministry? Listen in as Lady Elizabeth Catherwood, daughter of Martyn Lloyd-Jones, and her husband Sir Fred recount stories of the famed British preacher.

Great Lessons from Great Men with Iain Murray

9Marks | 08.31.2006

In this interview, Reformed evangelical statesman and British author Iain Murray assesses the state of evangelicalism in Britain and America. What’s the state of preaching today? Is hyper-Calvinism a threat? When do Calvinists become prejudiced in their thinking, and what does John Wesley have to teach them? Also, more Martyn Lloyd-Jones stories from this former Lloyd-Jones assistant!

Pastoral Priorities: The Life and Ministry of Phil Ryken…so far

9Marks | 03.30.2006

I’m not sure I know of another church that better exemplifies what I would like to see in churches than Tenth Presbyterian in Philadelphia. With these words, Mark Dever concludes his largely biographical interview with Phil Ryken, Tenth’s Senior Minister. From an average week in this busy pastor’s life, to his passion for ministry in the city, there is much to glean from this exchange.

A Sweeping Conversation with Carl Trueman

9Marks | 02.20.2006

Was the reformation a mistake? What are some differences between American and British evangelicals? How is our reason affected by the fall, and how should that impact our evangelism? From the value of incorporating the Psalms in our corporate worship to the dangers of privately administering baptism and the Lord’s Supper, this conversation is sweeping! There’s much to learn across the board.

Cooperation in the Church with Mark Dever

9Marks | 12.21.2005

Four veterans go a few rounds on the subject of cooperation among evangelicals & their churches. Listen to Mark Dever, Al Mohler, Ligon Duncan and CJ Mahaney talk about where they can and cannot cooperate as church leaders. Mark writes, “This is one of my favorite conversations we’ve been able to record. We had already been together for several hours and the conversation just flowed.”

The 9Marks Leadership Interview Sampler

9Marks | 12.11.2005

Church, Congregationalism and Elders with John Hammett and Phil Newton

9Marks | 11.07.2005

John Hammett (professor at Southeastern Seminary) and Phil Newton (long-time pastor of Southwoods Baptist Church) go a few rounds with Mark Dever on ecclesiology including the role of elders in the local church. Listen and learn!

American Evangelicalism: Yesterday and Today with Mark Noll

9Marks | 07.14.2005

Is the history of Evangelicalism a little blurry for you? Or are you a history buff who loves to talk about names, dates and changes on the historical scene? Either way, you’ll benefit from listening to Mark Dever chat it up with Mark Noll, McManis Professor of Christian Thought at Wheaton College.

Whitefield and Catholicity with Iain Murray

9Marks | 05.19.2005

Is the history of Evangelicalism a little blurry for you? Or are you a history buff who loves to talk about names, dates and changes on the historical scene? EitHow did The Great Awakening’s George Whitefield work with other denominations? Listen as Iain Murray lectures on Capitol Hill.

Changing Minds: Theology and Culture with David Wells

9Marks | 05.14.2005

How have trends in consumerism and an increasingly pluralistic culture affected the spiritual prosperity and biblical faithfulness of the church over the last 75 years? Listen as Mark Dever sits down Gordon-Conwell professor, David Wells. Don’t forget your thinking cap, you’ll need it.

Elders and Southern Baptists with Mark Dever

9Marks | 03.30.2005

Historically, how did Southern Baptists view the role of elders in church life? Listen as Randel Jackson from World Impact Ministries peppers Mark Dever with questions about Southern Baptists and their historic positions on church polity.