Bobby Jamieson

An Anglican, Baptist, and Presbyterian Review Going Public

By B. Jamieson, C. Van Dixhoorn, S. Norman, T. Payne | 11.04.2015

Editor’s note: In July, we released a book called Going Public: Why Baptism Is Required for Church Membership by Bobby Jamieson. We asked three pastor-theologians to review the book, each of them … keep reading…

Getting into the Weeds of Church Membership and Baptism with Bobby Jamieson and Jonathan Leeman

By B. Jamieson, J. Leeman | 07.08.2015

What is baptism? What does baptism mean? Is it simply an individual’s declaration that they now belong to Jesus? Is it a sign and seal of the new covenant, just as God intended circumcision to be a sign and seal of the old? And what does all of this have to do with church membership? Is church membership for everyone? Only baptized believers? Baptized believers and their children?

First Five Years 2015

By B. Jamieson, E. Aponte, G. Kell, H. Singh, J. Yong, J. Onwuchekwa, J. Worsley, K. Mbugua, M. Dever, S. Linne, T. Lee | 04.20.2015

First Five Years was a 9Marks Conference to encourage and instruct new pastors. If you are new in your ministry—perhaps in preparation, or in the first years of a church plant, or in your first church, or just beginning your pastorate in a new place—this conference is meant to equip you.

Imagination, Church Reform, and the Art of the Impossible

By Bobby Jamieson | 08.28.2014

Imagination draws the line between what one can and can’t conceive. So we could say that an increasingly biblical imagination involves faith expanding your view of the possible.

imagination strikes

Stretching the Pastor’s Imagination

By Bobby Jamieson | 08.28.2014

Here are a few suggestions for stretching and strengthening pastors’ imaginations.

Nobody Gets the Church They Want

By Bobby Jamieson | 08.27.2014

Whatever might be on your want-list, I can guarantee this: not everything on your list is on God’s.

Eldering, Economics, and Calling to Ministry

By Bobby Jamieson | 08.27.2014

If you say you’re called to ministry, I don’t immediately know what you mean, or if what you mean is biblical.

Reframing “Calling”: Words to Churches and Aspiring Pastors

By Bobby Jamieson | 08.27.2014

Raising up pastors is the church’s work—the whole church.

Not Strange Enough: “Church Rescue” and the National Geographic Effect

By Bobby Jamieson | 08.26.2014

The TV show Church Rescue is a friendly, innocuous, late-period artifact of the shrinking Bible Belt.

The Double Presumption of Calling to Ministry

By Bobby Jamieson | 08.26.2014

What does it mean to say that you’re “called” to pastoral ministry?

How to Change Your Church (Part 3 of 4)

By Bobby Jamieson | 08.22.2014

In this post, I want to answer the question, “Well then, what can I do if I’m in a church that seriously needs to change?”

How to Live with What You Can’t Change (Part 4 of 4)

By Bobby Jamieson | 08.22.2014

Basically, you’ve got two options: leave peaceably, or stay cheerfully.

Churches Raising up Pastors in Sydney, Australia

By B. Jamieson, J. Smuts | 08.22.2014

I hope that many pastors will be encouraged, challenged, and equipped for similar work in training leaders through John’s experience.

Why You Can’t Change Your Church (Part 1 of 4)

By Bobby Jamieson | 08.22.2014

How can you change your church when you’re not the pastor?

When Can You Change Your Church? (Part 2 of 4)

By Bobby Jamieson | 08.22.2014

I pray God would give you wisdom to discern how best to serve, strengthen, and unify your local church, regardless of how you may or may not be able to change it.