Nathan Knight

Session 1 – Do you start with Preaching or Flyers? – Nathan Knight

By Nathan Knight | 11.23.2016

Listen to “Session 1 – Do you start with Preaching or Flyers? – Nathan Knight” on Spreaker. 9Marks, the North American Mission Board, and Send partnered together for a one-day conference on church revitalization in Washington, DC.

Burn Out: Recognizing & Avoiding it

By Nathan Knight | 08.17.2016

Nathan Knight’s session during the First 5 Years conference in Fort Worth, TX. For more about 9Marks conferences and ministry, please visit

The Limitations of Parachurch Ministries & Church Planting

By Nathan Knight | 05.26.2016

Five years of service in your local church will yield much better dividends than five hours of being evaluated by the greatest church planting minds in the country.

Stop Launching Churches! Instead, Covenant Together

By Nathan Knight | 07.17.2015

I think we should stop talking about “launching” new church plants and instead refer to them “covenanting” for the first time.

Pastors’ Forum: Evangelism and Discipleship in the Local Church

By A. Duty, D. Furman, E. Bancroft, J. Rinne, J. Smuts, J. Worsley, K. Hsu, M. Hoskinson, N. Knight | 09.03.2014

How can a pastor encouarge evangelism and discipleship in the life of the local church?

Book Review: Brothers, We Are Not Professionals, by John Piper

Review by Nathan Knight | 9Marks Journal: Church and Churches | 04.04.2013

This book will provide a laser-sharp vision for a young pastor just getting his feet wet in the ministry.