Episode 4: On Receiving Criticism as a Pastor

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If you’re a pastor, you’re used to being criticized—both fairly and unfairly. In this episode of Pastors’ Talk, Jonathan chats with Mark about how to receive criticism well, the dangers of avoiding criticism altogether, and how to build healthy structures into a church that cultivate a culture of giving and receiving godly criticism. (Download on iTunes here.)


– What do you do when you’re criticized after church when you just preached your guts out? (1:15)

– How do you prepare yourself to hear what you know you need to hear, even if it’s something that your flesh will grate against? (4:40)

– Why not defending yourself amidst criticism is sometimes a good idea. (5:50)

– True or false: the more you fear God and the less you fear man, the better you will hear criticism. (9:40)

– What about the wisdom in using others—wife, other elders, etc.—to process current criticisms? (11:15)

– Do you have any words for the pastors who have cloistered themselves so that they never hear criticism? (12:35)

– What structures have you put in place to cultivate a culture of healthy criticism and encouragement? (14:40)

– Any encouragement for pastor who’s beaten up from consistent criticism? (16:00)

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