Episode 15: On How Quickly a Pastor Should Make Changes

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It’s tempting for a new pastor to show up with a laundry list of problems that need to be fixed immediately. But that approach is unloving—not to mention it almost never works. Too many pastors have left churches worse off due to their hastiness in implementing change. To help with this, Jonathan sat down with Mark to chat about how quickly pastors should try to make changes in a church.


– You’ve said before that young pastors have great acuity, but poor depth perception. Can you explain that? (1:00)

– What kinds of mistakes do young pastors take? (2:40)

– How did you moderate the pace of change at the beginning of your time at CHBC? (5:50)

– Is “change nothing in your first year” good advice? (9:45)

– What should a pastor give himself to in the first year? Why is preaching so crucial? (13:00)

– Should a pastor deliberately set out to build relationships with those who are disagreeable? How much does that help? (15:55)

– Why should some pastors not practice church discipline right away? (18:00)

– How much does handing out books help? (19:50)

– Three areas of things that might change. (23:00)

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