Episode 6: On Pastoring Singles

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We just released a Journal with close to 20 articles on Pastoring Singles. Because the Journal was Mark’s idea, Jonathan sat down with him to ask questions on the topic. (Listen here on iTunes.)


– Why a Journal on singles? (0:40)

– What are the biggest challenges and benefits of pastoring singles (1:30)

– How do you simultaneously affirm marriage while not undermining God’s distinct purposes for singles? (3:20)

– When do you encourage someone to remain single? How do you encourage them to make the most of their singleness? (8:10)

– How can singles be integrated into a congregation? (12:15)

– What about single elders/pastors? (14:00)

– For the single who feels left out, what should a church do? (15:55)

– What do you do when you inherit a church with a robust singles program? (18:10)

– Why “your sex life is your identity” is a satanic lie. (20:45)

* * * * *

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