Colleen McFadden

Women Thriving under Expositional Preaching, with Colleen McFadden (Priscilla Talk, Ep. 29)

By C. McFadden, E. Wheeler, J. Manley, K. Folmar | 02.05.2024

In this episode of Priscilla Talk, Erin, Keri, and Jenny chat with Colleen McFadden of Simeon Trust. They discuss how faithful expositional preaching from the pulpit can supercharge Word-centered women’s ministry.

On Training Women for Exposition (with Colleen McFadden) | Preachers Talk, Ep. 34

By C. McFadden, D. Helm, J. Meeks | 01.20.2022

This week, Jeremy and Dave sit down with Colleen McFadden to discuss how to train women to teach the Bible in complementarian settings.

What We Are Learning Training Women to Teach

By C. McFadden, D. Helm | 9Marks Journal: Complementarianism: A Moment of Reckoning | 12.13.2019

Over the years, we’ve seen pastors guide the women’s ministry through women leaders. In these situations, the churches are healthier.