Episode 3: On Sermon Application

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If a preacher is doing his job well, then he’s not only explaining what a text means, but also applying that meaning to the lives of his hearers. In this episode of Pastors’ Talk, Jonathan Leeman sits down with Mark Dever to talk about the difficult task of sermon application.


– Do most preachers apply their sermons well? (:40)

– Is application something more than explaining the meaning of a particular text? (1:40)

– “I don’t apply the text; that’s the Holy Spirit’s job.” What do you say to that? (3:00)

– Four case studies in sermon application:
1. Exodus 20 and the 8th Commandment (4:00)
2. David & Goliath (6:20)
3. Psalm 1 (7:50)
4. Jesus Raising Lazarus (13:15)

– Describe the application grid you use. (17:15)

–  What role does personal prayer and a membership directory play in sermon application? (18:50)

* * * * *

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