How Catholicity Promotes Church-Centered Missions

By Ryan Robertson | 08.28.2023

How can pastors encourage their congregations to appreciate ecclesiological distinctives without discarding a spirit of catholicity?

Single Assembly: Advancing the Gospel by Investing in Other Churches

By Alex Arrell | 08.21.2023

The implication of multi-site/service models is that the best way for the lost in your town, city, or country to hear the gospel is the expansion of one particular empire.

Spurgeon on Building a Culture of Evangelism

By Geoff Chang | 08.17.2023

As effective of an evangelistic preacher as C. H. Spurgeon was, he knew that he could not evangelize his community alone. He needed his congregation alongside him.

7 Reasons Why Your Church Should Engage in Door-to-Door Evangelism

By Jake Wright | 05.29.2023

Evangelism is critical not only for lost souls but also for the spiritual vitality of our churches.

A Response to a Review of ‘No Shortcut to Success’

By Matt Rhodes | 05.16.2023

We asked Matt Rhodes to respond to the International Mission Board’s critique of his book ‘No Shortcut to Success: A Manifesto for Modern Missions.’

The Case for Long-Term Missions

By Brooks Buser | 01.26.2023

How can “normal” Christians see their sons and daughters board ships and planes and be gone for decades, perhaps forever? The only sufficient answer I have found is this: these saints see past this world.

Love & Discernment: Hospitality and the LGBTQ+ Person

By Jonathan Holmes | 01.24.2023

How do we love genuinely and show true hospitality as living sacrifices to the Lord, all while maintaining clear, biblical convictions on issues related to sexuality and gender?

Mission and Maturity

By Jonathan D. Worthington | 01.18.2023

Presenting converts to Christ was not Paul’s ultimate missional dream. Nor was presenting planted churches. He wanted to present communities of mature believers to Christ.

Lessons for Missions from the Ministries of John G. Paton and Wang Ming-dao (王明道)

By Eric Beach | 12.20.2022

Christians don’t always recognize the importance of the local church and church polity to missions. Yet some of the great missionaries and evangelists of the past knew that building healthy churches was central to their work.

Seven Principles for Funding Foreign Missions

By Tyler Markson | 12.09.2022

The Lord has entrusted great wealth to Christians in the developed West. We must steward this money well.

Book Review: Reaching Your Muslim Neighbor with the Gospel, by A. S. Ibrahim

Review by J. Mack Stiles | 11.17.2022

‘Reaching Your Muslim Neighbor with the Gospel’ is an excellent practical, down-to-earth guide for sharing faith with a Muslim friend.

Book Review: God Shines Forth, by Daniel Hames & Michael Reeves

Review by Allen Duty | 11.04.2022

Hames and Reeves help us see that those who delight in God are eager to share him with others and aren’t deterred by their own evangelistic shortcomings.

How Did ‘Church Planting Movements’ Gain a Foothold Within the IMB?  

By Caleb Morell | 10.06.2022

In his book Strategy Coordinator: Changing the Course of Southern Baptist Missions, R. Bruce Carlton sets out to provide a historical analysis of what he considers the most significant shift within the strategy of the International Mission Board since its inception in 1845.

Book Review: Before You Share Your Faith, by Matt Smethurst

Review by J. Mack Stiles | 07.29.2022

Matt Smethurst consistently draws from Scripture throughout “Before You Share Your Faith” and calls us to more than an evangelistic method, but a lifestyle.

Book Review: The Primary Mission of the Church, by Bryan Estelle

Review by Alex DiPrima | 04.14.2022

Bryan Estelle should be commended for providing a substantive contribution to the conversation surrounding the church’s primary mission.