Book Review: What to Do When You Don’t Want to Go to Church, by Peggy Palau and Peggy Sue Wells

Review by Mike McKinley | 03.05.2010

We need more than a call to just go back to church; we need to give ourselves to understanding what the church is, and then commit to building such a body.

Book Review: Membership Matters, by Chuck Lawless

Review by Owen Strachan | 03.05.2010

For its focus on membership and involvement, Lawless’s book is a significant help in directing a church toward a more biblical polity.

Book Review: It Takes a Church to Raise a Christian, by Tod E. Bolsinger

Review by John Folmar | 03.05.2010

This book stumbles as it pits “community,” and particularly the observance of the Lord’s Supper, against sound doctrine.

Book Review: Stealing Sheep, by William Chadwick

Review by Greg Gilbert | 03.05.2010

Chadwick’s book is a marvelous challenge to the widespread problem of Christian mobility.

Book Review: Franchising McChurch, by Thomas White and John Yeats

Review by Jonathan Leeman | 9Marks Journal: Multi-site Churches | 03.02.2010

White and Yeats offer an alternative and excellent course for our generation. Yet I wonder if we still have the ability to recognize healthy food from junk food.

Book Review: The Transforming Community, by Mark Lauterbach

Review by Jonathan Leeman | 9Marks Journal: Church Discipline (Part 1) | 03.02.2010

If you’re not careful, Lauterbach’s book just might cause a paradigm shift in how you think about grace and the gospel, as well as how you think about the church.

Book Review: Discipline with Care, by Steven McQuoid

Review by Jonathan Leeman | 9Marks Journal: Church Discipline (Part 1) | 03.02.2010

Discipline with Care is a good book on church discipline that will strengthen churches by promoting their holy witness.

Book Review: Why We’re Not Emergent (By Two Guys Who Should Be), by Kevin DeYoung and Ted Kluck

Review by Jonathan Leeman | 9Marks Journal: Cooperation | 03.02.2010

Emergents, I plead with you, please read those aspects of the book carefully and with open hearts.

Book Review: The Rabbit and the Elephant: Why Small Is the New Big for Today’s Church, by Tony Dale and George Barna

Review by Aaron Menikoff | 9Marks Journal: A New Evangelical Liberalism | 03.01.2010

Though The Rabbit and the Elephant is about the church, there is little explanation of what the church is beyond a series of interconnected relationships.

Pastors’ and Theologians’ Forum on Corporate Witness

By A. Mohler, J. D. Greear, J. Folmar, P. Newton, T. Anyabwile | 9Marks Journal: The Church's Mission | 03.01.2010

Our churches can give the gospel a black eye, or they can be used by the Holy Spirit with magnetic effect to draw people to Jesus.

More Than Worth It: Costs and Benefits of Church Discipline

By Wyman Richardson | 9Marks Journal: Church Discipline (Part 1) | 03.01.2010

It’s worth reminding ourselves as pastors what we stand to lose if we neglect biblical church discipline.

A Church Discipline Primer

By Jonathan Leeman | 9Marks Journal: Church Discipline (Part 1) | 03.01.2010

A reluctance to practice church discipline may suggest that we believe ourselves to be wiser and more loving than God.

Was Dagg Right?

By Gregory A. Wills | 9Marks Journal: Church Discipline (Part 1) | 03.01.2010

There is no simple correlation between a church’s disobedience on the one hand and spiritual blight and abandonment by Christ on the other.

9Marks Pastors’ and Theologians’ Forum

By Forum | 9Marks Journal: Church Discipline (Part 2) | 03.01.2010

What are some lessons on church discipline you’ve learned the hard way?

Church Membership and the N.C.L.H.G.A.

By Mike McKinley | 9Marks Journal: The Church's Mission | 03.01.2010

Was church membership practiced by churches in the New Testament? Scripture gives us indications that the answer to this question is “yes.”