Aspiring Pastors Need Encouragement, Too: 5 Ways Paul Encouraged Timothy

By Zack DiPrima | 07.06.2022

Encouragement from anyone is always good. Encouragement from seasoned saints—especially pastors—builds up young leaders in a pronounced way. 

How to Have Fruitful Conversations About the Immigrant Church

By John Lee | 07.01.2022

Having a productive conversation about the immigrant church requires both cultural and ecclesiological fluency.

On Keeping Your Greek and Hebrew in Ministry

By Matt Emadi | 06.27.2022

Are the original languages really that important?

A Conflict of Visions: Comparing Rick Warren’s SBC Speech and Juan Sanchez’s Convention Sermon

By Alex DiPrima | 06.23.2022

Rick Warren’s brief address and Juan Sanchez’s convention sermon at the SBC annual meeting represent two different, competing visions of ministry and the local church.

Book Review: The Gospel-Driven Church, by Jared C. Wilson

Review by Zach Schlegel | 06.23.2022

Jared C. Wilson’s “The Gospel-Driven Church” holds up a biblical picture of success and exposes misguided ones.

13 Pillars for Planting Healthy Churches

By Matt Rogers | 04.11.2022

What ingredients are necessary to plant healthy, strong, biblical churches—and sustain them?

The Ordinances: A True and Better Identity Politics

By Bobby Jamieson | 9Marks Journal: Expressive Individualism in the Church | 03.18.2022

What can unearth and uproot and undermine the unbiblical assumptions that animate identity politics and threaten to tear apart what God has joined together? I would submit a simple, perhaps surprisingly obvious answer.

An Ecclesiological Take on “The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill”

By Jonathan Leeman | 03.14.2022

My goal here is not to review the series—what I liked, what I didn’t like—but to offer four lessons that I think are a little more timeless, and lessons that point to the worst inevitabilities of bad ecclesiology.

When a Pastor’s Child Strays

By David Gough | 01.17.2022

I write not as a mere observer or sympathized, but as a father and a pastor who prays for his own wayward children. How desperately I long for them to embrace the faith they were taught.

Book Review: Lead, by Paul David Tripp

Review by Raymond Johnson | 01.13.2022

This isn’t another how-to book on the highway to heaven. Rather, it clarifies a vision of leadership in the local church in an age of crisis.

Genesis, Exodus, Isaiah . . . Oh My!—Practical Help for Preaching Longer Books

By Jeff Wiesner | 01.05.2022

I hope the following eight “tips” will help preachers delight in the Scriptures as they prepare to preach—and persevere!—through its biggest books.

Why We Need Pastor-Theologians in the Church

By Kevin DeYoung | 9Marks Journal: Sound Doctrine: The Foundation for Faithful Ministry | 11.16.2021

When I say we need pastor-theologians in the church, I mean that every pastor must conduct his ministry with an eye to declaring theological truth, diagnosing theological error, and discipling his congregation to be theologically informed and articulate.

Book Review: The Care of Souls, by Harold Senkbeil

Review by Brady Bowman | 10.21.2021

The Care of Souls is a gripping reflection on pastoral ministry that commends an older and far richer vision of pastoring than what is typically touted in modern evangelical circles.

Book Review: Charles Simeon of Cambridge, by Hugh Evans Hopkins

Review by Michael Abraham | 10.14.2021

Charles Simeon was a preacher’s preacher and a pastor’s pastor. He was occupied with beholding the Lord Jesus Christ. We’d do well to imitate his ministry.

Must Churches Follow Mask Mandates?

By Jonathan Leeman | 09.20.2021

9Marks doesn’t exist to make any of these judgments for you or your elder board. That’s your job, pastor. But as well as I know how to describe it, these are the principled questions before you.