One Cure for Burnout: Building a Network of Like-Minded Brothers

By Kevin McKay | 9Marks Journal: Pastoral Burnout: Its Causes & Cures | 07.17.2018

Email another pastor in your area and ask them to read this article with you. Maybe it will start a life-giving friendship for both of you.

Book Review: Roman Catholic Theology and Practice, by Gregg Allison

Review by ​Leonardo De Chirico | 11.19.2014

My hope is that this landmark book will re-orientate evangelical theology away from its attraction towards a shallow ecumenicity with Rome towards a serious dialogue based on the Word of God.

Mobilizing the Church To Evangelize the College Campus

By Dave Russell | 09.02.2014

We want churches to have an impact on campus, and for the campus to be present in the local church. But how?

“Open Membership” for Baptists? No Such Thing

By Jonathan Leeman | 08.28.2014

What do we call objective symbols without the subjective realities behind them? Falsehoods.

Book Review: Why We Belong, multiple authors

Review by Matt Felton | 08.18.2014

This book was written to demonstrate Christians can maintain their distinctive doctrinal beliefs through denominations while giving real expression to our cross-denominational unity.

“Mark Dever Doesn’t Practice Separation”?

By Mark Dever | 06.16.2014

Really?  Some have said this.  But, I must confess that this comes as a surprise to me.  I think defining marks of my time at CHBC have been involved with … keep reading…

The State of the Southern Baptist Convention

By A. Mohler, D. Akin, D. Platt, M. Dever | 07.02.2013

A roundtable discussion of the past, present, and future of the SBC.

Churches Cooperating in Discipline

By Jonathan Leeman | 9Marks Journal: Church and Churches | 05.10.2013

No, most churches don’t cooperate in church discipline. Yes, they probably should. And imagine what would happen to Christian nominalism if they did.

Churches Cooperating in Missions

By Andy Johnson | 9Marks Journal: Church and Churches | 05.10.2013

You cannot cooperate with everyone in the work of missions, but when you do, you help to clarify the gospel.

Churches Cooperating in Pastoring

By Deepak Reju | 9Marks Journal: Church and Churches | 05.10.2013

Sometimes shepherds need to get on the phone in order to care together for straying sheep.

Why I Pray Publicly for Other Churches

By Greg Gilbert | 9Marks Journal: Church and Churches | 05.10.2013

Why pray publicly for other churches? To crucify the spirit of competition, to show we’re on the same team, and to strengthen friendships.

When Disaster Strikes: How Other Churches Helped Ours

By Toby Jenkins | 9Marks Journal: Church and Churches | 05.10.2013

On March 2, 2012, this church’s town was flattened by a tornado. But other area churches sprang to their aid and set an example for all of us.

Pastors’ Forum: Are Denominations Worth It?

9Marks | 9Marks Journal: Church and Churches | 05.10.2013

9Marks asked a roundtable of pastors the same question: Are denominations worth it? Here are their answers. Tom Ascol Are denominations worth it? That depends on what your definition of … keep reading…

Cooperative Ministry in the New Testament

By Chad Brand | 9Marks Journal: Church and Churches | 05.10.2013

Share, help, support, send—New Testament churches cooperated in all these ways and more. We should too.

Testing the Glue that Binds Churches Together

By Bobby Jamieson | 9Marks Journal: Church and Churches | 05.10.2013

In an allegedly post-denominational age, what binds churches together? Does that glue work?